Making himself comfy in one of his favorite blankets. What a "ruff" life!

What does he want now?

No matter: with that look, I'll give him anything.

His head is bigger than mine

Kobe Klaws

New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc. provided me with much more than a pet. I depend on him to do things for me every day for four years now, and I can't imagine life without him.

It costs over $20,000.00 to breed, raise and train each dog, and NHSDI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, seeks donors.

To learn more about service dogs or to donate, please contact

New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc.

1590 Laurel Park Ct.
Orange City, FL 32763

Phone: (386) 456-0408
Fax: (386) 456-0409

Or visit their website at:

Here are some pics of my buddy and me...

New Horizons Service Dogs, Inc. introduced me to my service dog in December 2010. He is a yellow Labrador retriever named Kobe and it didn't take more than a few minutes for him to become my new best friend (sorry George). Kobe quickly showed me that he's much more than a K9 -  a K10!

SERVICE DOG ETIQUETTE: Most people know not to pet  a working dog, but many don't understand why. A service dog's disabled handler relies on the dog's constant attention to prevent accidents that might result in injury to the dog, its handler or anyone nearby. In my case, I depend on Kobe to pick up any items that I might drop and his attentiveness is vital. Equally distracting to the dog are kisses, oohs, aahs, and comments about his beauty (although true). The best thing to do is to ask the disabled handler for permission to pet the dog. You'll find that we are so proud of our canine companions that we're more than happy to show them off. He's now eight years old, but he thinks he's still a puppy. I hope he never outgrows that.

Kobe: Service Dog Extraordinaire