The search for a cure for multiple sclerosis begins as a noble quest, but quickly degenerates into greed: the insatiable hunger for more and more money, backed by murder. The executive/researcher whose dreams have become corrupted, learns that the statistical records, if presented to the authorities at the FDA would bring about the collapse of his house of cards, are in a book kept by a statistician whose murder he ordered. He must secure and destroy that book, even if it means more people have to die. Where will it end?

Detectives Luis Ortiz and Fred Hodge investigate the homicides, and they must race the clock to locate and save Kathryn DiAgostino, forensics investigator and Luis' love interest, who had been captured by the "hired gun" before his own death.

As the detectives struggle to catch the mastermind behind the killing spree, will they rescue Kathryn before it's too late? The surprise at the end will catch the reader as off guard as it did the detectives.

Cynthia Clark said,

BYE THE BOOK is a roller coaster of a thriller with deep dives and harrowing turns, not to mention twists at a fast paced speed. Once again Frank Cáceres has written a riveting, can’t wait to read the next page novel.  Each book by Frank just gets better and better.  Frank’s characters are fun, real, sad in the true to the human condition way.  He paints a beautiful mural with his words.  You can clearly see the thoughts and actions of the characters and the action as if you are there.  Wonderful!  An excellent thrill ride. On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5! Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D.

Bye The Book